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Why Many Fell In love with the Harry Potter Series

Without a doubt, many were heartbroken about Harry Potter ending. Everyone wished to bring it back. If you’re missing Harry Potter, then let’s get you down to a memory lane. Let’s recall the amazing things about Harry Potter.

Here are some of the things why many fell in love with Harry Potter:

  • Before the movie was made, it was already a big hit to the novel industry. J.K Rowling’s imagination can really bring everything to life. But, aside from having such an amazing storyline already, they picked the perfect actors and actresses to play characters. Just imagine if Hermione wasn’t Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t Harry Potter. Can you think of someone more perfect to play the role? Having such casts and storyline surely secured its success.
  • One of the things that helped such film standout is their amazing costumes. Picking such styles of costumes really did help it come to life. If Hogwarts students weren’t wearing such uniform, would we feel that they are actually a wizard? Harry’s scar and the glasses he wears make him a lot more unique, and that made him stand out.
  • Because of its amazing storyline, script, and etc. it sure did make a mark in everyone’s heart. There were so many scenes and so many quotes that remain classic. Some of these scenes included the famous “Leviosa”. No one can forget how Hermione taught Ron how to properly say such word. Then, big bird scene was an amazing scene as well, which made us all wish that we were Harry Potter. Then, there were also amazing quoted that up until now, remained in our hearts. “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act” is one of the most meaningful quotes we’ve heard from the film.

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