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World of Warcraft Gold Guide – Thars Gold in Them Thar Hills

I suppose that anyone that has a character that’s ever taken up the mining profession realizes that there’s great potential to make World of Warcraft gold wow private server. What a lot of folks seem to overlook is that sometimes less is more.

While you would think that the key to making a fortune with mining is to increase their skill level as rapidly as possible, that isn’t necessarily the best outlook. If you mine to encourage another profession like blacksmithing, stone or engineering crafting then perhaps that is the very best option but if you’re mining merely to sell the metallic ores or bars, copper ore is a massive money maker.

My miner is proficient at 450 but I love to take him into the lower level regions of Norrath and mine aluminum like it’s going out of fashion. If you’re several levels greater than the areas where copper nodes are then you’ll seldom get aggro from the critters around and if you do, then they’re one shot kills. I jump onto the back of my epic rider and run across a zone with my miniature map zoomed out as far as it will go (to find the mines on the map from a greater distance) and mine copper and ride into another one. From the time you cover a couple of zones, you’ll have several piles of copper ore. Do not turn these piles of ore into bars because gem crafters prefer to purchase the ore and prospect the gems from them. Some of the very low level gems, like jade by way of instance, are sort of hard to find in quantity so if you need to purchase them from the auction house they’re expensive (around 5g per on the Thunderhorn server). Copper sells better and for over a number of other ores.

Two items that I list in the warcraft auction house that I never record for over 24 hours is fabric and ore. Many times I am still listing these things and a buyer begins snapping them up quicker than I could list them. Why pay for a 48 hour list for something that sells in a few hours?

What I do not suggest is taking mines from low level characters which need to fight their way into the nodes. There’s plenty to go around so allow the kids have some mines also.

Copper is extremely easy to find and it sells on my server for 16-20 gold bits per stack.